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The 5th annual American Shaman Franchise Conference, held in Las Vegas on May 10th and 11th of 2023, was a grand event that brought together franchisees and the corporate staff. “Ignite 2023”, the conference aimed to REIGNITE the passion of franchise owners, encouraging them to innovate and energize their efforts while staying true to the vision of American Shaman’s CEO, Vince Sanders – helping people in our communities.

The conference served as a platform to reflect on the evolving CBD industry and the growth experienced by the American Shaman Franchise System. The partnership between the American Shaman Franchise System and the American Shaman Franchisee Association (Franchisees) showcased the unity and shared commitment to the values and principles that have guided American Shaman’s growth and success thus far. Amidst the celebration of success, there was a humbling opportunity for self-reflection and learning from the experiences made throughout the journey, to continue moving forward in a mutually productive and elevated manner.

The conference comprised various components designed to empower the attendees with an emphasis on reigniting the initial spark of passion and channeling it into sustainable growth and community impact. Breakout seminars focused on product knowledge and education, providing franchise owners with comprehensive insights into the latest advancements and industry trends. Another session titled “Evaluate, Energize, and Empower Your Business.”, provided practical tools and strategies for business owners to assess and enhance their operations, empowering them to achieve even greater success. Product development and formalization were also key areas of focus. Attendees had the opportunity to explore innovative CBD products and collaborate on refining American Shaman’s offerings. Shaman Feathers and Daily Story sessions allowed participants to delve into ways to enhance their reach of retained customers who may not have been apart of their marketing strategies.

Beyond the sessions, there was a sense of camaraderie and celebration during the moments outside of the lectures. The poolside welcome reception allowed attendees to network and forge connections in a relaxed and kindling environment. The farewell reception provided a fitting conclusion to the event, enabling participants to bid farewell while cherishing the memories and knowledge gained.

The General Session featured multiple guest speakers; including franchise owners who shared their success stories and the challenges they overcame. Medical professionals also took the stage, providing valuable insights into the role of CBD and enhancing the wellness of communities. Our chief of medical researcher, Dr. Bob Kaufmann, shared his experiments to try and pinpoint what makes American Shaman CBD different from everyone else. From race horses to cancer patients, there was a significant reaction to our nano-ed CBD. He said, “Our product is very different, okay, and I want to light the flame underneath you with this concept I don’t understand why people have other products, cbd products in their stores, ever, because our cbd is a different kind of product and it works differently than all the other products, so i just really encourage you to keep pushing with that”. Their expertise shed light on the qualities and practices that contribute to becoming a CBD healer in the community.

Throughout the General Session, “Let’s Make a Deal” took over the main stage. There were multiple prize drawings; including $1,600 cash, $1,000 product credit, vendor sweepstakes, and cannabis-related goods, adding an element of excitement and anticipation. The prizes not only rewarded attendees for their dedication and engagement but also served as a token of appreciation for their continued commitment to the American Shaman brand. iHeart Media shared $8,000 among several winners in total marketing spending and Shark Media gave away $5,000 to a lucky franchise owner.

To conclude the conference an award ceremony recognized 3 individuals for their accomplishments over the past year. A new “Life is Better with the Feather” award was introduced and presented to Sarah Mendoza for embodying the lifestyle of The Shaman Way. 1st place Top Overall Sales was awarded to Danny Cassidy for the year 2022. 2nd place Overall Sales & 1st place Zen Master Sales went to Ashley Powell, who this year has had one of her stores reach $106K+ in sales in a single month selling 92% Shaman and Zen products. Melissa Browne placed 1st in Shaman Sales for 2022 & 3rd place Top Overall Sales. Congratulations to everyone!

The 5th annual American Shaman Franchise Conference was a blazing event that left attendees feeling innovative, energized, and ignited. It provided a platform to discuss the evolving world of CBD, acknowledge past challenges, and chart a course towards a prosperous future. The collaboration between the American Shaman Franchise System and the American Shaman Franchisee Association (franchisees) showcased the unity and shared commitment of the Shaman community. With breakout seminars, energizing sessions, and insightful guest speakers, the conference equipped franchise owners with the knowledge and inspiration needed to reignite their passion and succeed in their mission of helping people in their communities.